Unposted Letter

By Mahatria Ra
September 11th 2020 | No Comments

‘People feel your love not by what you are with them but by what they can be with you.’


There was a time when I had assumed for sure that I have read all the best books on personal development there are for living a happy life. But then came this book by Mahatria Ra and made me realize how much more I still need to learn and experience about life as a whole.


This is the best self help book I have ever read. It’s two pages chapters impart lessons on career, relationships, personal growth, spirituality and every other aspect of life that you can imagine.


The language is straight and simple but way powerful. The book talks of the same things that other self help books share but the situations and instances that the author has shared to explain each chapter are mind blowing.


A small book as it is, holds extraordinary influence on anyone who would read it.


Anyone in need of inspiration or certain answers to life problems or who just wants some positivity, should definitely read ‘Unposted Letter’!!

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