The Checklist Manifesto

By Atul Gawande
July 10th 2020 | No Comments


Every year hundreds of patients die worldwide due to the complications caused during their surgeries. The level of complexity for a surgeon today has actually skyrocketed because of the medical advancements.


This is clearly visible in the number of steps they follow to perform a surgery, which is increasing only. As a result, small but unavoidable steps of surgery frequently get missed, leading to complications afterwards.


Realizing this serious issue, Atul Gawande came up with the ‘Checklist’. This seemingly insignificant solution is helping people worldwide accomplish the most complex tasks without  missing on vital points. 


In his book, he shares ideas on how to create a great checklist to suit your profession and how to implement it effectively. He shares intriguing events that prove why such a minor task needed to be written a book upon.




Be it a pilot, a chef, a construction manager, a venture capitalist or a surgeon, the checklist revolution has covered a field well beyond medicine. From disaster management to building a skyscraper, a to-do list is saving billions of dollars. 


My Words


If your profession is of a complex nature or you are trying to be more systematic in your work, you can surely  go ahead with this book. It shares some great ways to handle complex tasks more easily. But otherwise, I would not quite recommend it to everyone.


This book certainly contains some useful insights. But the crux of it can be grasped early on only, making the later chapters unnecessary and the content overstretched.

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