The Art of War

By Sun Tzu
April 16th 2020 | No Comments

“When you show a noble purpose in your everyday actions, you give people ample reason to support you.”


When kings ruled, war was seen as the only option to protect one’s nation and gain victory. But a Chinese military general, Sun Tzu considered war to be the last and the least intelligent option for peace as it only brought destruction, even to the winner.


Fast forward to today’s life, we face conflicts all the time with our family, friends, bosses and even with ourselves. This is no less than a war as dealing with people requires much more than instant anger and ego.


Besides, Sun Tzu knew that any conflict can be solved peacefully with results in our favor if we choose to change our perspective and try to understand the nature of the conflict.


Luckily ‘the art of war’ that Sun Tzu wrote is still applicable in our modern life due to our unmanned human nature.


It’s first half consists of all the first hand principles given by Sun Tzu and the second half is about annotations to help us better relate those principles with our modern life situations.


My Words


Though the first half was beyond my understanding, the annotations helped relate Sun Tzu’s principles to my life easily. The language was simple but the order of the chapters may seem a bit confusing.


I would suggest to just focus on the annotations as they come and keeping writing notes to better remember the insights!



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