Nine Perfect Strangers

By Liane Moriarty
October 9th 2020 | No Comments


Frances Welty, a fifty something romance novelist who has has just become one of the many victims of an internet love scam, put on weight over the years and is sensing a downward fall of her career, signs up for a ten days program at Tranquillum House cum retreat to find enlightenment and peace, so to say.


Ben and Jessica, after winning a huge sum in a lottery, are struggling to manage their marriage life as money has changed everything for them. While grappling to find a perspective in their own little worlds, seven other strangers too have ended up joining this retreat.


Now these nine complete strangers who are about to leave their normal lives to live together in the beautiful resort of  Tranquillum House have not a pinch of an idea of the most weirdest and unexpected things laid out for them for the next ten days.


It is not just any other retreat. Here they will be taken care of in the most unusual and scary way!


My Words


I enjoyed the story. It seemed quite different from other fictions in a way that the beginning was nice and light but then it got a bit darker to me in a funny way. I can understand if you don’t get me here. But summing it up, if you are looking for something light and interesting you can try it out.

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