“Work is a blessing when it helps us to think about what we are doing; but it becomes a curse when its sole use is to stop us thinking about the meaning of our life.”


Like the flowing river by one of world’s best story tellers, Paulo Coelho is a non fiction book which reflects on the importance of little things that make up our everyday lives.


It is a collection of beautiful anecdotes, some from Paul’s own life adventures and others from those whose experiences can teach us to live a little better.

To give you a little idea, this book will help you find answers to your questions about life, you will learn to get inspiration from a mere pencil, instructions on how to climb a mountain will reveal the secret to making your dreams a reality! Stories that will teach about the folly of anger – and the art of friendships and much more!

For me this small book was more like a motivational one. You can read it everyday in the the beginning of the day for a positive start!

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