Growing Up Bin Laden

By Jean Sasson
September 23rd 2020 | No Comments

The most personal life of Osama Bin Laden as a husband and as a father of many children has been revealed by his first wife, Najwa Bin Laden and their fourth son, Omar Bin Laden.


The world knows Osama as a terrorist, but no one ever knew what such a notorious personality was like as a family man. And this is exactly what this book is about.


In it, Najwa has shared her entire life from being a small girl living happily with her family in Syria to shifting to Saudi Arabia after marrying her cousin Osama out of true love and years later finding a tough life in Afghanistan.


Being the first wife of Osama Bin Laden with eleven children, Najwa could share every detail of their life as a couple and what their daily activities consisted of.


Their Fourth child, Omar Bin Laden who used to observe his father most intimately has shared in great detail about the distinct but tough childhood he and his brothers were made to live due to having a father like Osama.


Despite being the son of a terrorist, who had lived in the heart of a war country for years, Omar Bin Laden always strived for peace. His miles apart nature from his father is what made this book a possibility.



My Words


A sad yet highly fascinating read. 


Fascinating for sharing every detail of the Bin Laden family’s normal life, which I found so compelling that I couldn’t leave it unfinished. 


And sad because unlike Osama, all his family wanted was a peaceful life. But they were forced to live by his destructive thinking that caused them unacceptable suffering along the way.


However, I really liked learning about the story of Najwa and Omar Bin Laden. The language is simple and the narration is great. All in all, non-fiction readers should definitely try it. Like me, you too will find it fascinating and amusing!


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