by David Baldacci
June 2nd 2019 | No Comments


“You couldn’t kill, what

You couldn’t see coming”


A family of four is found brutally murdered in a house in Drake, west Virginia one of them being Colonel Raynold, a DIA in American Army. Having a connection with the Army, the case is given to John Puller Known to be the top investigator in the US Army’s CID.


The beginning of the story itself is thrilling and gave me goose-bumps. Then comes John Puller who is ordered to find the killer with a local police officer of Drake, Sergeant Samantha Cole.


Entry of an army guy, John Puller in Drake will make some locals suspicious as only they know how they are connected with these murders in their neighborhood. But this murder mystery is not going to be a usual one for John for one of sergeant Cole’s police officer is also found murdered in the same house of already dead Raynolds.  Besides John and Cole will encounter two more murders in the same neighborhood making the crime even more complex to understand.


But what they will never have imagined is the purpose behind these murders, which is far more horrifying and disastrous for entire West Virginia and other stated of the USA connected to it. The story will take twists and turn after each new discovery that makes the plot intriguing only.


I loved the plot that articulately connects every aspect of the case making the story a chilling one. It is one of the most thrilling fictions I have ever read. The story is gripping from the very first chapter and satisfying till the last one.

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