When Breath Becomes Air

By Paul Kalanithi
October 2nd 2019 | No Comments



It is a heart breaking and passionate story of Dr.Paul Kalanithi. A 36 years old neurosurgeon and neuroscientist is going to finish his training in few months, after over 10 years of nerve racking surgeries. He is finally preparing to become a professor with a salary that he can demand, that too in the most reputed career aspired by many in medical field.


Life is going to become perfect soon, with the upcoming success and the reputation that his sacrifices of personal life will bring. Just few months before his ceremony as a professor, Paul finds out a devastating truth that will ruin the future that he had been eagerly counting for years.


A tumor is found in Paul’s lungs. He later finds that he is having a lung cancer, chances of which in 36 years old are 0.012%. I tried to put myself in Dr.Paul’s shoe and know how terrifying it must have felt.


After months of surgeries and medication, Paul’s health still deteriorates, which pressurizes him to think about the things that are most important to him in life. This is the most difficult question, we too have to face many a times. But what will you do when you have so little time left to live, and the answer still does not appear?


Dr.Paul loved writing and always wanted to write a book, never got the time for it. Highly emotional and moving, “When breath becomes air” is his first and sadly last book that he wrote to share what life truly meant to him in his last stages when everyone of his age was about to start their dream life….


Are you too thinking about what matters to you in life, after reading this review?

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