What Every Body Is Saying

by Joe Navarro
March 29th 2020 | No Comments


How amazing it would be if we could read the minds of others.


Unfortunately many important things that people express through their body language which could give us a more reliable and honest view point about their thoughts go unnoticed by us.


An insightful and proven approach, WHAT EVERY BODY IS SAYING, is the best book ever written on body language and non-verbal behaviors. Given by Ex FBI Agent, the book teaches us to identify the current feelings, thoughts and intentions of others just by observing their body movements.


It starts by sharing some of the most universal body gestures that we present unconsciously when in certain situations. Every chapter is devoted to a specific body part and number of non-verbal behaviors of each body part are explained along with the photos of the author himself in that particular posture.


In between the chapters, boxes containing real life events encountered by  the author during his time as an FBI Agent are given to help us better relate the teaching of the book with reality.


My words

It was a very interesting and insightful read. I loved the way everything is explained using pictures and stories. The information of the book is derived from the years of experience of the author which makes its content reliable and trustworthy. I have already started working on my non-verbal skills and am grateful with what I have learnt from this book!


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