tuesdays with Morrie

by Mitch Albom
July 4th 2019 | No Comments


“Dying is only one thing to be sad over,
living unhappily is something else.”


Sixteen years ago on the day of graduation Mitch Albom had promised his favorite professor Morrie to keep in touch with him. But like most of the other students he too fails to keep up with his promise and gets busy in making a career that can pay him a lot of money and buy all the luxuries. But who knew that after sixteen years while flipping through TV channels, Mitch will again see his long lost professor, now in his late 70’s on America’s biggest interview show.


That day his journey of life’s truest and greatest lessons begins. At that time Mitch doesn’t know about an incurable disease growing inside his professor’s body until he comes across the channel showing Morrie. Now though work is always his top priority in life, he decides to take some time out and meet his old professor.


When both meet, Morrie still remembers his favorite student and opens his arms cheerfully to get hugged like a baby. Mitch who has become what our culture expects us to be, a “grown up”, feels a pang of guilt and decides to meet his coach every Tuesday as long as Morrie can make it to live.


Surprisingly Tuesdays are now what Mitch looks forward to and not his work. Morrie shares his experience of life, love, family, money as well as death, some of them we all are afraid to even think of, beautifully and what all these should truly mean to a person, reflecting a life lived to it’s fullest by the old man.


I feel fortunate to have come across this book at a young age. This is not just a story of a dying old man but a treasure of life’s greatest lessons and wisdom that no personal mastery can teach us but experience.





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