The Zahir

by Paulo Coelho
July 7th 2019 | No Comments



“Freedom is not the absence of commitment, but the ability to choose- and commit yourself to – what is best for you.”



A renowned author living in Paris has the most comfortable and lavish life, receiving invitations for big gala parties, sports ceremonies and many such significant events organized for rich people, where every author dreams of being invited.


He is married to his love for 10 years.  A journalist who finds her adventure in living with soldiers in the war environment working as a war correspondent for her articles in the world’s most dangerous countries.


One day the author finds that his wife has disappeared with a man named, Mikhali without living any clue of her intentions. The story seems pretty normal in the beginning but from here, the zahir comes into the tale. Zahir means something obvious which is missing. Hence the author feels that he is bound to find his wife, the Zahir. His search for her will now take him from South America to Spain, France and eventually Central Asia.


What he finds will reveal the truth of his own life and the Journey along its way will teach him to find his own self, forgetting his past history so that he will never have to lose his Zahir again.


It is an intense story of love and lose. what the novel teaches is very unique yet true to us as we all have our Zahir whom we don’t want to loose and being our own self is what we should be thriving for.

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