“We were fine originally and lost that fine-ness. That’s when we became defined.”


Born in a small town near Chicago, Richard Slavin possessed maturity and compassion that were greater than his age. A deep longing to find the real meaning of life had lingered in the heart ever since he was a kid. 


One day as if answering this longing, a summer trip to Europe with friends began to unfold the future path for Radhanath Swami. As the trip advanced, a realization groped him like never before and drove him from Europe all the way to Indian Himalayas after six months of treacherous hitchhiking.


But his colorful adventure had only just begun. While roaming on the Himalayan soil, the places he resided in and the people he bumped into got him closer to his inner self and transformed a nineteen year old american boy into a true devotional guru.


My words


Loved this book. It is not a typical spiritual guide but a gripping travelling tale. The language is highly articulate yet simple to grasp and the experiences of his has such a detailed narration that picturing becomes almost reflexive. The journey Home is Radhanath Swami’s quest for spirituality that takes readers through the most extraordinary adventures, some moving and fun while others daunting and hair-raising. 

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