The Hunger Games – Panem

by Suzanne Collins
July 30th 2019 | No Comments



“You don’t forget the face of the person who was your last hope.”



Covering twelve districts is a country called Panem, previously known as North America. All the twelve districts are ruled by Capitol, a beautiful city belonging to rich.


Every year a game is organized by capitol as a tradition, which they call “The Hunger Games.” The name may sound thrilling but it is not so for the people of the twelve districts. The game requires a boy and a girl to be picked from each district and put into a place called arena to kill each other until the last survival is left out of 24 tributes. Merciless as it seems, no one can refuse to be a part of it or else they are left to starve.


When fighting hunger is the only option left, Katniss Everdeen from district 12 is trying hard to keep her family fed. Beyond the boundary of her district into the treacherous woods lies her only way of survival, Hunting


But what she never wanted to even imagine finally happens, when her misfortune draws her into the ruthless world of “the hunger games” along with a boy named Peeta from the same district. Never being convinced of her survival in the game, she decides not to die without putting up a fight anyways.


Yet, things will only become awkward for Katniss, when she finds her own love trying to fight for his survival as one of her competitors in the game. Now it will not just be a question of her survival but also of keeping her love from being killed, when there can only be one winner…


Suzanne Collins’s The Hunger Games is a bestselling Epic Novel, Pretty daring and gripping as you must have made out of from the summery. The novel is also made into a movie, but I would prefer the book as it let’s you imagine the whole story with every bit of detail that is no less in giving you chills than it’s movie!

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