The Forgotten

David Baldacci
June 23rd 2019 | No Comments



Looks can be deceiving….



CID investigator, John Puller is a number one army agent there is in the USA. He is the man America has relied on to solve most complicated crimes ever. But this time the case is personal, a member of his own family is involved.



A suspicious letter from John’s aunt is received by his father that will now bring the  special agent to Paradise, a city of Florida, perfect place for elderly with it’s beautiful beaches and rich residents. Local police may call his aunt’s death an accident, BUT the more he digs, the more convinced he gets about the death being a murder.



Some unwelcomed guests and cynical happenings when show themselves, only Puller will know how mysterious Paradise can seem during it’s quite nights. Now determined to find the killer, he will have to enter a darker world of beautiful Paradise to stop those who can go to any  length to keep the truth from revealing, that too if he stays alive.



A thrilling mystery for sure, David is a master story teller. I loved the book for it’s simple and gripping plot. Twists and turns after each new discovery makes it even more chilling with of course it’s ending being an unexpected one.

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