The Feast of Roses

By Indu Sundaresan
April 10th 2020 | No Comments


“Being happy is about finding it in the right things…..things that are there already but that we have not learnt to value yet.”


A mere woman when gets a say in the outside world, enemies are bond to erupt out of their egos to dilute her… at any cost.


Jahagir, the eldest son of Akbar the great emperor marries Mehrunnisa for love. As a mark of his devotion he transfers his powers of sovereignty to her.


The book reflects upon the ambition of Mehrunnisa to rule a country on her own and what troubles she gets us herself into while battling with those who would otherwise never allow a woman to rule their land.


For me it was a pleasure exploring the aristocracy of the great mughal empire and to know about history’s one of most ferocious but forgotten women.. 👑


Highly recommended to those who love historical fiction.

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