The Elephant Whisperer

by Lawrence Anthony with Graham Spence
April 22nd 2020 | No Comments


“A cage is always a good one when it’s an empty one.”



Thula Thula game reserve was awaiting the arrival of a magnificent herd of elephants after almost a century. Having accepted this particularly troublesome herd, Lawrence Anthony – the owner of Thula Thula and a true conversationalist – knew how nerve-racking it was going to be to befriend these vulnerable creatures.


But as determined as Lawrence was, he wanted to win their trust back and so decided to live in pure wild with them for days until one day what he witnessed opened his eyes to an unbelievable side of these beautiful mammoths.


The Elephant Whisperer, Lawrence Anthony wrote to share with the world his most precious adventures and lessons that made him inseparable to this herd and the wild. The book is filled with events that will leave you stunned. From saving his life to bestowing love and respect in the most unimaginable manner, this remarkable herd taught him the true meaning of family, freedom and joy.


An inspiring, emotional and spectacular journey of Lawrence Anthony with his herd of elephants reveals things that are beyond human philosophy.


My Words


I enjoyed reading ‘The Elephant Whisperer’ till the end. As I read the chapters, I myself started falling in love with the wilderness and with the elephant herd. The language of the book is simple and the chapters are filled with the most intriguing, moving and emotional events that just mesmerizes you. After finishing the book, I felt truly satisfied and pleased with what I got to explore!


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