Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman!

by Richard Feynman
May 18th 2020 | No Comments

A Nobel prize winner in the field of theoretical physics, Richard Feynman  was of quite a unique personality. All his life he kept embarking on adventures which even a professional adventurer would not have thought about. Let me give you an example.


During the world war, Feynman was sent somewhere to make bombs. At that time because there was no means of entertainment, Richard started learning to crack locks. Such a hobby later went on to cook some of the most hilarious incidents and in the course, got him the identity of a safecracker. Well this was just one of the many adventures that defines the curious personality of Feynman.


One time you will find him learning bongo in Brazil and the other time he will be taking lessons to learn how to ask a girl to sleep with him. Richard learnt portugeze, spanish, japanese and may be other tongues till his interests got hold of him.


After years of teaching he even got himself into painting nude models after meeting a painter friend. Not just this. The day when he was called to convey the good news, Richard chose to first complete his night sleep and then talk about the nobel prize – for which he was being called – once awake.


Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman! is a very different read. It is not just about a professor’s life but about the kind of things that he learnt and about the way he looked at the world which had to force the origin of this book.



My Words


I liked some of the chapters. They were  quite interesting and funny. Especially the personality of Mr Ferynman I found very unique and thought provoking. But apart from that I would not recommend it to anyone who like me does not have the least idea about science or physics. Many chapters I had to skip because everything was just going completely over my head. But yes, for someone who wants to read something light and who knows even a little of physics will love this book.

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