By Barbara Corcoran
November 9th 2019 | No Comments


“Opportunity does hide in worst situations, 
finding opportunity is just a matter of believing it’s there.”



One of the sharks of ABC’s well known show Shark tank, Barbara Corcoran grew up in a large family with nine other siblings on the bottom floor of a three story house. From childhood only she had learnt to be heard by others when there were nine more competitors  juggling to speak first. 


Barbara’s most valuable learning happened while observing her mother’s simple management tricks that she  had brought into system to raise an army of ten children.


In her early 20’s, Barbara’s career started with $1000, borrowed from a boyfriend and made her first real estate sale with a 1 BHK apartment, that too by using one of the smart ideas that her mother used to try.


Later portion of the book is about the journey of Barbara’s own company, The Corcoran Group. 


Every chapter first tells a childhood incident of Barbara’s family which she then explains how led to the decisions she took later in her career to face the challenges of real estate market.


As her company started achieving New Yorks’s biggest clients including Donald Trump, The Corcoran Group ranked top as the most successful real estate company in New York, filling her bank account with an amount she had never expected to have and ultimately making her a billionaire.


All these was possible she says, because of her mother’s lessons, her hard work, common sense and her brilliant and energetic Corcoran salespeople.


I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is written in a unique and fun way to narrate the impact of her childhood learning that became the key ingredients for her successful business career. I would recommend this book to every one who wants to read something new and fresh in the genre of business and entrepreneurship!

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