by John Carlin
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“Enduring means accepting.
Accepting things as they are and not as you would wish them to be, and then looking ahead and not behind.”


World’s number one tennis player in men’s singles, Rafael Nadal had a warm and supportive childhood. Belonging to a family of athletes, he had actually dreamt of becoming a professional football player.


But his career had already been underway when one of his uncles Toni Nadal-a tennis coach by profession- saw in Rafael the spark of becoming a real tennis player. From that day on wards Tony decided to devote all his time to train Rafa, who was just four during that time.


All his childhood the training sessions for Rafa meant nerve-racking practice, criticisms, shouting and discriminative behavior from Tony, which accompanied him till his adolescence. The result of such harshness from his uncle, Rafa admits actually proved to be the most valuable gift to his career, which came in the form of endurance.


For all the greatest victories of Rafa, be it winning Wimbledon against Roger Federer in 2008 or grand slams against world’s top notch players, years of developing this endurance has worked at its best for Nadal in climbing every seemingly impossible mountain of tennis at such a young age.


The reason for writing this book lies in sharing the devotion and  contribution of his entire family and few lifelong friends for making him the success he is today. What he has valued the most is their gift of attitude to him that no matter the magnitude of success, he will always keep his feet on the ground!


My words


Though I see tennis rarely and have zero knowledge about this sport, I loved reading the story Rafael Nadal. He has shared all the important matches of his career both amazingly won and disappointingly lost by describing every single match point. It was a refreshing read, revealing the simple life that world’s top tennis player leads when not on the court.

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