By Michael Bar-Zohar & Nissim Mishal
July 2nd 2020 | No Comments



Renowned to be the world’s best intelligence service, this is the story of Israel’s MOSSAD. A secret service that is responsible for the capture of the world’s most menacing terrorist groups and criminals.


The books is about MOSSAD’s most crucial missions – real missions – and their beyond belief executions. From capturing Adolf Eichmann, one of the major organizers  of holocaust that took lives of six million Jews during World War 2 to executing the most ferocious terrorists of neighboring nations, the most daring missions are covered here.


What is more fascinating and chilling  though is  the fact that these missions required MOSSAD agents to live in the enemy countries, away from their families under a constant risk of life for months and in many cases for years to protect Israel.



My Words


This is an amazing book, giving us a glimpse into a threatening yet inspiring world of Israel’s secret service. It is a tale of MOSSAD’s greatest victories, deadly mistakes, remarkable recovery and incredible patriotism.


It seemed to me no less than an action packed movie. The language is simple and every mission is narrated in great detail. It has emotions, action, drama, horror and more.


Recommended to those who love exploring history and war events. You won’t regret reading it!

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