Men Without Women

By Murakami
June 8th 2020 | No Comments


A cosmetic surgeon is faced with love and its imperfections for the first time. A veteran actor finds himself beholden to his female chauffeur. A recently divorced salesman opens a jazz bar as memories of an ex-lover riff and swell.


Men without Women is a collection of seven tales. Tales of men who cherish a special connection with certain women in their own way. It seems as if the existence of each man solemnly dangles on a thin string attached to the presence of that woman. As soon as she walks away from his life, so will his existence.


Deeply philosophical, thought provoking and intriguing – Men without Women manifests the struggles of those who have lost women in their lives to other men or death.


My words 


I enjoyed reading this fiction. I have never read anything like this before. The stories were short, gripping and it’s language, simple. Recommended to those who like reading philosophy and to anyone who wants to read something new. 

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