Marketing 4.0

by Philip Kotler, Hermawan Kartajaya, Iwan Setiawan
September 2nd 2019 | No Comments


“When Online Meets Offline,
Style Meets Substance, and
Machine-to-Machine Meets Human-to-Human”



If you want a new smart phone, do you visit a store to inquire or you ask a friend or you just go online and search, do you rely on the opinions of your friends and your online community or on a company’s marketing campaigns when you want to buy something?


These questions may interest you to think about the change in our behavior and our way of living that technology has brought because of the “easy peasy” access to internet. We do 90% of our daily interactions through screens, which is not something to be ignored by the brands if they want to survive in this digital era.


Marketing 4.o is about understanding why traditional marketing of targeting and selling won’t work anymore and hence what brands must do to achieve loyalty and positive word of mouth of people.


We are becoming smarter with every purchase decision we make. Online reviews, suggestions from friends, product review sites have closed the gates for companies that used to fool us with their attractive ads and fancy taglines.


Today a person’s online review about a product is all it takes to determine whether others will buy that product or will just scroll through it right away. That is why a single marketing goal for both offline and online marketing must be to drive people to recommend their products to others rather than increasing sales figures.


Besides, brands will have no option but to focus on a human centric approach in near future. Many Brands are already working hard to understand our deeper anxieties and desires that affect our decisions in daily life, which will happen only when they see us from a human’s perspective and not as some targets to serve.


Marketing 4.0 of Philip Kotler, one of the writers who is known as “The Father of Marketing” is an amazingly insightful book for future marketers. From awareness to advocacy(word of mouth) what kind of purchase pattern a person goes through to buy a product and which online and offline channel he chooses to interact with brands is explained exceptionally well.


I enjoyed the book thoroughly not just for its marketing insights but also because we too start realizing the change in our behaviors and their impact on our professional as well as social life due to increasing connectivity to technology.

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