“From a window you can see the outside world, but from the outside you can not see all that is inside.”


Sudha Murty, formerly a computer science engineer is a famous Indian author in Kannada Marathi and English. Her books are highly insightful and she always tries to connect to her readers through her stories.


Just like any other child Sudha Murty too was used to hearing stories from her grandparents. Belonging to a teacher’s  family she was always encouraged to read from a very young age. But her real teaching started when she was twelve. Her grandmother unable to read asked Sudha to teach her reading and became the very first student of Sudha Murty.


This is just a one event that Sudha has shared to start the journey of her life lessons. As a student she was very ambitious and hard working. During her post-graduation, how she stumbles upon taking up a job at TATA, one of the most reputed companies of India and then her accidental meeting with JRD TATA himself is one of the greatest life experiences that Sudha believes has turned her life upside down.


One of the stories tells how while working as a journalist Sudha got the privilege to meet Dr. Abdul Kalam personally not just once but many times over the period as a friend and as a high spirited influencer.


While as a teacher she was always loved and respected by her students. Her knowledge and way of teaching always helped them to lead a bright life and created great impact on their personal selves. Not just her students but also those whom she met accidentally, changed their life permanently after encountering Sudha’s wonderful and life changing stories that even she wasn’t aware of.


The book is a treasure of such beautiful and moving lessons of Sudha Murthi that I personally believe can change our perspectives in certain areas of life in which we are struggling and help us greatly in bettering the way we work, live and treat others.


All I can say is “HOW I TAUGHT MY GRANDMOTHER TO READ” is my personal favourite. It too is like a story book where she has narrated  unique and inspiring events that she encountered at every stage of her life in different chapters. Here she shares her life experiences and their profound impact on her as well as on all those people who were connected to her though knowingly or unknowingly.

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