By Walter Isaacson
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” Imagination is more important than knowledge.”



As a child he was a loner who would lock himself for hours, solving math’s problems on his own. Having a deficiency at grasping things quickly, he would mutter sentences at least twice in his mind before speaking them out.


But who knew that the same deficiency of childhood would become the biggest advantage for 20th century’s Genius, Albert Einstein. When Albert grew in a witty, handsome and a charismatic adult, his slow mind allowed him to observe and question things which seemed effortless and simple to the eyes of a common man but left the scholars perplexed and unable to even answer.


All his life, an aloof yet social Einstein devoted himself to the discoveries of science. His hours of scribbling and formulating of mathematical equations, not forgetting his unbounded imagination gave the field of physics one of its greatest and revolutionary discoveries after Isaac Newton.


Intelligent as Einstein was, failed poorly at performing his role of a family man. At the end though, Albert proved to be a loyal friend, a passionate physicist, a compassionate citizen and a delightful man to those who understood him.


Honestly, I will need more words than what I have tried to comprise in this review to define the life long journey of Einstein, from Switzerland to Germany and then finally to America where he would end up spending last twenty two tears of his adventurous life.


In a brief though I would call the book a roller coaster, taking you from one phase of his life to another reflecting his diverse course of life and his uniquely blunt individuality which is rare to be found.


If you are an Einstein fan or someone who happens to have a curious nature, this biography is going to intrigue you in a way that it reveals the most impressive and surprising characteristics of Albert Einstein. A physicist of 20th century who went on to become a “Genius” of all time with his unbounded imagination and utter simplicity!


A must read for all…

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