by Cal Newport
October 25th 2019 | No Comments


“Who you are, what you think, feel and do, what you love – is the sum of what you focus on.” 



When you look around in a public place, do you find people holding mobile in hand, neck bent down, face staring at the screen without a single blink? If yes, then it is a vicious habit we all have adopted.


A boon for today’s fast moving world is what we call technology. Our irresistible attention to emailing and instant messaging has been increasing the quantity of output and efficiency of our work. But if there’s one thing missing out by almost everyone, it is the skill to produce real impactful and qualitative work.


Deep work, Cal describes is the ability to maintain intense concentration on a single skill for long stretches of hours, that too with zero distraction. We can imagine the level of elite work one can produce with such a skill. He also tries to prove the rarity of such deep work to be seen in today’s working environment.


In such superficial world yes, achieving deep work is hard but not impossible. As this book is a treasure of highly useful and instantly applicable tricks anyone can apply in their own already distracted and confused world to achieve an elite level of performance and impressive reputation in one’s field.


The thing I liked the most about the author is his clear and logical explanation of various insightful strategies he suggests to get even deeper in our daily work life responsibilities, which I have  began to follow in my work routine already.


Cal Newport has been raising a clear voice in this extremely helpful book DEEP WORK to get us understand what rare skill we all have been ignoring in attempt to chase things that we pretend are of high importance, but that in reality are only creating a life full of distraction and shallowness.


Are you too thinking of reading this fresh and new concept of deep work??

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