Becoming Michelle Obama

by Michelle Obama
July 21st 2019 | No Comments
“If you don’t get out there and define yourself, you’ll be quickly and inaccurately defined by others.”


First African American lady of white house, Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama was born on south side of Chicago, in a middle class family.   Equipped with strong family roots, Michelle was always taught to be in charge of her own life.  As a child  she was curious and hard working, while Chase for ambition and a bright future began when she entered her adulthood.


After going through the hurdles of academia, Michelle finally made her way into corporate world as a lawyer.  Working in her company she got to meet  Barack Hussein Obama as his counselor.  Obama’s free spirit, self control, his infectious laugh and the habit of looking at things from a greater perspective triggered Michelle to think of her own life, realizing that her values lied in something more than maintaining a bunch of files.


Hence she left her high paying job to work as a community member for the next few years. After their marriage Michelle got involved into various campaigns as her husband was one of  the candidates of US Senate,  as a part of which she started giving speeches to thousands of people, discovering the true power of her voice, while also making  great connections with people who will stay in her life for a long time.


As a mother of two girls, she though wanted to have a normal life, had to put up her own career to work for Barak’s US Presidency at the same time giving as much time to her daughters as possible.


After months of nerve breaking campaigning, teamwork and travelling, the feeling was both exciting and scary for Michelle when Barak got elected for the 44th Presidency of America.   As the first lady she was determined to leverage her position to create long term impact for her country yet maintaining a normal environment for her daughters.


The journey has been a transformational one. She has learnt to develop greater resilience as always being in contact with criticisms and dirty politics and though living an opulent life and playing the role of a conspicuous  women for eight years, Michelle has always tried to stick to her values and what truly matters to her family.


At the end of the Memoir, I felt that becoming Michelle Obama is not about reaching a particular destination but about seeing the world as it is, having faith in one’s voice and moving on, always with a positive approach for life!



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