Attitude Is Everything

Jeff Keller
May 13th 2019 | No Comments


“It’s true that you don’t get results without actions,

but recognize that thought precedes actions.”



Have you ever asked yourself, ‘what the hack am I doing with my life? Do you dread going to work? Do you feel like giving up on your dreams every time a challenge comes knocking on your door?’  If the answer is yes, then this book is an ATM to withdraw all the happiness, success and self-love that you want to achieve your dreams.


Jeff begins by sharing his own like back when he used to practice law. Days were blur and depressing, for he didn’t enjoy what he was doing and he badly wanted to change his life.  But this same dislike for life is what forced him to do something about his attitude problem and indirectly made a way for this bestselling book.  So coming to the review part the book is a treasure of methods which are very simple yet effective to follow and some of them are working incredibly for me as well. I used to see myself and people around me through the window of criticisms, fear and self-doubt. And I am not the only one who sees life through a dirty window.  But this book has surely helped me clean this dirt with self-love, positivity and desire to dream big. It works something like this, “Remove the dirt and things will become brighter automatically”.


But this is just the beginning.  Because another life changing power is held by our thoughts. I come across, god knows how many thoughts every single day.  And when we pay attention to them we will find majority of thoughts to be of negative nature. Well this may be a bad as repetitive thoughts can turn into reality. But the good news is that we can control these thoughts and visuals in our mind by staying conscious. What we think and speak the most will be soon absorbed by our subconscious mind, which then will try to transform these thoughts into reality.  Then why not think positive. These are few of some amazing methods you will discover in the book, but these simple things have unimaginable impact on our careers as well as our personal lives.


The real life examples shared in this book of people who changed their lives that they once loathed by developing a positive mindset, left me pumped up every time I read a success story. Along with the principles and stories, plenty of motivational quotes of world’s most successful people are written on every page that even if you read daily in the morning will make your day. Hence in conclusion I would say,  Jeff has given complete justice to the title “ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING”.


“With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverence,

all things are attainable.”

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