Atomic Habits

by James Clear
January 14th 2020 | 5 Comments


“Every action you take is a vote for the type of person you choose to become.”




About the book


Our daily lives are made up of numerous different habits both good and bad. Most of these habits, we perform almost unconsciously due to years of repetition. Moreover, we all have number of bad habits which we know are deteriorating our quality of life.


To understand why we adapt bad habits easily and how to remove them from root and build good ones, James Clear has given Atomic Habits.




The name of this book refers to bringing small but consistent improvements in our routines to see life altering outcomes in future just like atoms creating molecules.


The book comprises of four major stages which can help us start any good habit easily and fast.


  • Make it obvious

  • Make it easy

  • Make it attractive

  • Make it satisfying


Above stages will uncover a handful of simple life hacks (the power of the Two Minute Rule, Habit Stacking, or the trick to entering the Goldilocks Zone) along with cutting edge discoveries in psychology and neuroscience to get to the depth of our behavior.


You will also come across inspiring stories of Olympic gold medalists, leading CEO’s and distinguished scientists who have experienced the power of tiny habits to stay positive, motivated and happy.




Language of the book is simple and easy to understand. All the insights related to psychology and neuroscience too are very easy to grasp and explain.


My View


It is an excellent book for anyone who wants to get rid of unhealthy habits and start good ones. I have read another book on habits called “The Power of Habits”  which I loved personally.

But Atomic habits is even better as it reveals easy and simple tricks that don’t even need willpower to apply in our routine. This will make good habits easy to adapt and bad ones out of our reach leading to an increased quality of life!

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