by Anand Neelakantan
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Escaping from the gaudy luxury to rustic heaven does not mean choosing  poverty, but Rich Simplicity.”


Every Indian hears the epic tale of Ramayana in their childhood from their grandparents, where Lord Rama fights the evil Ravana to get back his beloved wife from his kingdom.  For hundreds of years status of Ravana, the ruthless and wicked emperor is burnt in every corner of the country to remind us  of the glorious victory of righteousness over the evil and bad. But what we don’t know is that this epic is written from the perspective of Lord Rama. His greatness and fairness as a king is sealed in our minds in such a way that we never think of the story of Ravana and who he really was.


Asura is hence the story of Ravana and his people shared in his own words. A story of a dreamer, a scholar, and an achiever who didn’t know  how to surrender against injustice and who wanted to rule the world. Ravana has shared his entire life in this book from being a beggar of a lower Asura caste, discriminated for his dark skin tone and treated as a filthy evil creature, abandoned by his brahmin father long ago to becoming the most powerful emperor of Lanka of southern India.



The courage he carried, the ruthlessness in him as a king, the mistakes he made when dwelled in his pride,his sacrifices and regrets, the selfless and pure love for his family,  and the sympathy for his people is narrated beautifully in this epic tale. Well I haven’t read Ramayana, but anyone who has, can read this book to discover the epic story from two different perspectives.


This mythological fiction is an intriguing and simple story teller of Ravana one of the most popular characters of  India’s epic tale ‘Ramayana’.  Every event is described with the smallest detail so I used to create images in my mind that made it more real while reading. I personally loved this book which has a simple language and tells the same epic story from a very different perspective breaking the stereotypical mentality we Indian have regarding this character.


So what do you think of this epic fiction?…..let me know!

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