And the Mountains Echoed

by Khalid Husseini
October 11th 2019 | No Comments


This beautiful novel starts with the story of brother and sister.


Abdullah and Pari share a passionate and an inseparable bond with each other, until the devastating circumstances of life rip them apart to lead different paths, not to be united for nearly sixty years of their life.


These tragic separation will unfold stories of many other characters in the novel who all are connected to each other in one way or another, showing different lives each of them is leading. Some have life of gratitude while some will struggle all their time finding something or someone which was lost in the past.


For me, best part is the end, which will bring all the characters together, adding something valuable to each of their lives. The novel starts with the life of two beautiful kids and will too end with the same people who dreaded their entire life to see each other, reflecting the beauty of Khalid Hosseini’s writing and his incredible art of narration.


I loved the storytelling and how every chapter unfolds the connection between each character. Khalid Husseini surely is a master storyteller whose stories would include many, but correlation between them will be explained in such an exceptional manner to give us the experience of intense emotions, beautiful bonds and breathe taking imagination.

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