A Thousand Splendid Suns

by Khaled Hosseini
May 7th 2019 | No Comments


Honestly I had never thought that a book will make me cry. Gripping and touching as it is, I am very excited to share these beautiful yet heartbreaking novel with you guys. Enjoy reading!


The novel is a dual narrative. The first part is about Mariam, a girl who is entitled harami by her bitter mother. She loves her father but after the death of her mother, fifteen year old Mariam is forced to marry Rasheed  leaving her in a terrible state after such act of her beloved father. Yet in the beginning of her marriage life, Mariam finds Rasheed a kind and caring person until they come to know about her first and then continuous miscarriages. This, as I had assumed now will become the reason for brutal violence, criticisms and abuses by Rasheed that Mariam is going to receive for the rest of her life.The part is left with a sad ending for Mariam, leaving us suspicious of what will happen to her next.


The second part is about a beautiful young girl. Laila has a normal life except that she has never received affection and love from her mother since she had to reluctantly send her two sons in the war. Yet Laila is thankful to have Tariq, a childhood friend who she loves more than anything.

Eventually love begins to grow between them but making it only difficult for Laila to realize that Tariq has to leave Afghanistan with his family to escape war which is destroying their houses one after another due to explosions.  Besides, Laila had never thought that her own life will shatter into pieces when she will lose her own family in the explosion leaving her alive only to find that she has nowhere to stay but with Rasheed and Mariam.Now this becomes a turning point for both Laila and Mariam. Even after some arguments in the beginning, both women will become so inseparable due to the same unknown path both are leading that their love for each other will convert into that of a mother and daughter. But this does not make their life any better with yet Rasheed’ brutal violence and Taliban invasion in Afghanistan.


Also the ending of the book is an unexpected one. Tired of the violence that has now become a routine for them and burning desire to find freedom from this dreadful life these women will show unexpected heroism that can lead people to find just a little hope to be alive and overcome life’s most daunting challenges.


In conclusion I would say, most gripping, heartbreaking and moving novel I have ever read. The story  will make anyone believe that courage to fight a condition no matter how dreadful it be, can lead to an even brighter side of the world.


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