A Long Walk To Freedom

by Nelson Mandela
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The most beautiful days of Nelson Mandela’s life were that of his childhood, playing in the open fields with a sense of freedom in whatever he did or thought. This freedom though soon turned into an illusion when studying at Fort Hare university Mandela first became involved in student protest against injustice, unfairness and inequality.


In 1941, Nelson moved to Johannesburg where racial discrimination had become a normality even for the black people. But young and determined as he was Mandela joined African National Congress (ANC), the oldest black political organization in South Africa to contribute in the freedom struggle.


With the passage of time, Nelson’s life began to divide between his law practice and his duties as ANC worker leaving meagre time for his personal life. Over the years, the horrors of newly elected government forced the members of ANC including Mandela to go on numerous strikes, declare protests and apply all non – violent tactics possible to stop the three century long vicious and unfair system of ruling.


By now Mandela had already entered his mid 40’s and had been convinced that freedom is going to take a life time to knock on their doors. With no option left in hand he grudgingly decided to adopt the path of violence.


Later, the events that took place would turn his life upside down and reveal the darkest years. Accused of high treason by the government, Nelson Mandela of 46 was charged with life imprisonment that kept him away from his family for more than 27 years.


The day when Nelson Mandela was released brought a surge of hopes in the entire nation. Finally after years of trying to make their voice heard, the government agreed to negotiate with Nelson and as  result, in almost three centuries, black people were given their first ever right to vote.


The fight for a just nation snatched away everything that Nelson loved the most. His family, his work, his dreams everything had to be given up for the sake of freedom. But at the end Mandela was a true freedom fighter and never regretted the paths he had to choose.



My words


No other biography has moved me like this before. I loved this book. It is sad, courageous, emotional and moving. Besides, it is not just a biography but a freedom struggle of entire South African nation which inventually gave birth to one of world’s greatest leaders.

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