Delivering Happiness

by Tony Hsieh
October 30th 2019 | 2 Comments


“Money alone isn’t enough to bring happiness…….happiness is when you are actually truly okay with losing everything you have.”



Zappos, a small online shoe selling start up that reached $1billion in just few years that too by putting customer service on top.


As a boy, the only aim Tony had in life was to earn lot of money. Though always being put on the expectation to do well in school, he still found ways to earn as much as he could so that one day he could afford all those super  cool things that he used to read about in magazines. Eventually these small business attempts did earn him his first dollars as a school boy.


Once into Harvard, his experimentation for money didn’t stop. While the connections he made in college would years latter contribute in building Zappos as it is today, which at that time Tony had zero idea about. But as college days came to an end, Tony and his friend decided to apply for a technology firm that offered “good money”, landing them at Oracle.


Few months later when the boredom got over them, they left the company to peruse something more exciting and adventurous. These is when their first start up LinkExchange sprang up. But the turning point came when Microsoft proposed to buy LinExchange for $265million. This gave way for an online shoe store start up, Zappos.


What Tony wanted to offer was not just shoes but a memorable customer experience. Call centers which are considered real cost for the companies, became their major departments that brought the company closer to its goals as well as to its customers. As years passed Zappos’s growth increased like anything reaching $1 billion dollar in 2008. But what made them reach this number is much more interesting to know than the amount itself.


I loved reading the story of Zappos.  A company that works with passion and purpose to provide best customer satisfaction is what Zappos and its people are about. They made mistakes, learnt from it, got better with it and transformed a small computer based start-up into a billion dollar success!


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